Blue Sky is pleased to present our newest tool to help operations access data in your reservation system through any web browser enabled device, including tablets and smart phones.
Examples of where this tool will be useful:

  1. Ground personnel have access to inbound and outbound passenger load levels to devise the best way to handle particular flights

  2. Freight department can review freight levels on any flights they are involved with

  3. Pilots can review and sign-off on final manifests at flight bases or even at remote locations

  4. For all operational personnel where they don't have access to their computer, but do have internet connections on their mobile device.


  • Full schedule details include passengers and weights
  • Current, past and future schedules available
  • Bookmarkable schedules for your own watch list / tracking
  • Employees setup in Booking Agent
  • Mobile responsive
  • A procedure for pilots to close, and sign off on a schedule manifest for air-tight safety


1. Link to

2. Find your company.


3. Login using your email and password.

  • Administrators can setup new staff and reset passwords via File > Configuration > Employees.

Crew Portal Overview

You can view Today, Tomorrow or Browse to an exact date.

There are filter options which search on all fields.


Schedule / Mobile Responsive

Passenger Information

Procedure for Closing / Sign-off for a Schedule

Closing and signing off on a schedule is an important safety policy to ensure the numbers are accurate, verified and are not accidentally changed.

The two-step locking method provides this safety net.

1. Open a Schedule in the Booking Agent

2. From the manifest, click State > Closed.  The schedule will be closed and locked from further changes.

The closed icon will display.

3. From the Crew Portal, the flight will show locked.

4. In the Schedule details, click “I confirm this manifest”.

The flight is now signed off.

Re-Opening a Closed Schedule

1. From the Crew Portal, select the schedule and click “Revoke Signoff”.

2. From the Booking Agent, select the open the manifest for a schedule and click State > Open.